Yallingup Luxury Retreat

If you are going to the South West WA on a vacation and want to get away from it all, you should stay at a Yallingup luxury retreat. Though there are numerous options for those looking for accommodation in this stunning region, you will only be able to make the most of your holiday if you choose a luxury lodging. Yallingup luxury retreats offer unique advantages that can’t be provided by typical hotels or motels. These superbly appointed properties are renowned for providing serene surroundings, fine dining, natural settings, luxurious accommodations and unsurpassed hospitality.  And the best thing is that there are many world class retreats to choose from in the South West, catering to different holiday needs and budgets.

What types of luxury retreats are available? No matter which part of the South West you visit, you will find an amazing range of fully serviced and self catering retreats throughout the region. You can select from spa retreats or country retreats depending on your preferences. There are properties that are suitable for 3-5 persons. Larger units are also available that can sleep 10 guests or more.

What are luxury retreats about? Choosing a Yallingup luxury retreat will provide a unique opportunity to people travelling in groups to stay in a single luxury accommodation or several lodgings close by, while having all the amenities and services that hotels and other types of accommodation can’t offer.

What are the facilities available? A Yallingup luxury retreat can offer you the ultimate in luxury. Some of the amenities that are commonly available include superbly appointed rooms and furnishings, well equipped kitchens, washing machines, balconies, hot tubs, pools and BBQ facilities. These establishments are also the places where you get restorative pampering, massage and beauty treatments.

What about the rates? Surprisingly, staying in a Yallingup luxury retreat may actually cost you less than staying in a 5-star hotel. This is because these establishments usually charge a flat fee for renting a unit, making them ideal for family vacationers or larger groups. You won’t have to pay for laundry and catering service as you’ll have your own washing machine and kitchen.

Let us face it; there are plenty of accommodation options for tourists visiting the South West. But if you are looking for a unique and comfortable experience that you will remember for many years to come, you should seriously consider choosing a Yallingup luxury retreat.


  1. Hi Ann. Great choice to come to the region for a holiday and bring your family. You will find a few choices on the guide and I also recommend you download our app for iphone and Android as you will find every accommodation there and you can pick by style or location. click here to view the app and instal it.

  2. Ann Stearn says:

    We are hoping to visit Yallingup next January ,there just two of us and we are interested in all types of accommodation although self catering is of partivcular interest . We will be visiting our daughter in Sydney and she may join us with her family of two small children and husband for some of the time. So it would be good to find somewhere where she could rent nearby to us. I would appreciate any suggestions you could give us as it will be our first visit to this area.
    Many thanks,
    Ann Stearn .(Mrs)

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