Margaret River Wineries – With a Restaurant

The Margaret River winery estates that boast their own restaurants have a special edge over other wineries – in addition to top quality wines, these Margaret River wineries also offer a fine dining facility and top class service.

Margaret River Winery with restaurant

Margaret River Winery with restaurant

Margaret River winery restaurants are known for their fresh, colourful and inventive food, paired with just the right bottle of locally produced wine. Most of the wines served at the restaurant are produced from that same on-site winery, and are usually the product of grapes and other fruits grown in the surrounding areas. The restaurants also provide you with a great choice of food pairings that go along perfectly with your wine.

The chefs at these Margaret River winery restaurants have years of experience and a flair for culinary experimentation and creativity. They know the local wine varieties inside out and serve food that complements the wines excellently – and many Margaret River winery restaurant chefs have been profiled in national publications and TV programmes on travel, hospitality and tourism.

If you are planning a visit to one of these wineries along with a group, then you may take advantage of the private dining rooms offered by these Margaret River wineries. The dining rooms offer you the privacy that you need and let you experience the best local wines on offer, whilst being able to discuss personal or business matters with your friends, family or colleagues.

Many Margaret River winery restaurants also serve organic or biodynamic foods made from completely natural sources for those who are health or environment conscious. Their quality of food, service and wines have also earned these restaurants many awards and accolades. If you love fine dining and Margaret River wines, you can’t go wrong with a visit to a Margaret River winery restaurant.

We have all wineries listed into 5 categories which are:

Stand-alone winery – Boutique Winery – With Cafe – Restaurant Dining – Family Friendly

They can all be found by visiting our “Which Margaret River Wineries” page.

Experience the best food and wine here in and check out the best Margaret River accommodation nearby if you plant to spend a night near the Margaret River wineries and restaurants.

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  1. Hi Samantha, Yes I have heard good reports on Hay Shed Hill, fantastic cheese deli and wine. I have found Lamonts always delivers also. Although with good company you are sure to enjoy your meal wherever you pick! If you are dining out in the evening check our our restaurants page?

  2. Samantha says:

    Me & my friends are looking for a restaurant to dine in when we go there, something with amazing food but also with a buzzing atmosphere, can you recommend anywhere? Thank you

  3. Eric from Santa Barbara Wine Tasting says:

    This Sunday we had a bottle of 2007 Brookland Valley Sauvignon Blanc. It went well with the Indian food we were having (a bit of a strange combination perhaps, but I find that Australian of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc works well with spicy Asian foods).

    If I ever get over to the Margaret River area, I’d like to drop in at their restaurant.

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