Which Margaret River Wineries Will Suit Me?

The Margaret River region is home to 20 percent of Australia’s premium wines, making Margaret River wineries a key destination for any visit to the area.

There are over 70 wineries which can make it hard to choose which to visit. 

We have split the wineries into helpful groups to make it simple to find what suits you.

Margaret River Wineries

Margaret River Wineries

Most Margaret River wineries are open to visitors and allow for wine tastings. Some locations offer a variety of amenities including restaurants and cafés, some are especially “family-friendly,” whilst others have earned the classification of “boutique.”

Here are some experiences you can expect from the various styles of Margaret River wineries:

Stand-alone: The grapes, vineyards and vintages  are often enough of an attraction in themselves! Tour the vineyards, see the grapes ripening, taste some of the latest pressing.

Boutique wineries: If you want to taste a wine you can’t get anywhere else, try a boutique winery. They produce only a limited number of cases per year, and pride themselves on their attention to detail in producing highly specialised wines for discerning customers.

With restaurants: Taste the wine closest to where it was grown and produced, with food pairings chosen by expert chefs who know the local varietals best. Many of these establishments also boast award-winning restaurants that are famous in their own right, and some restaurants serve organic/biodynamic food.

With cafés: If you’d like to have a winery tour followed by a light lunch, or even a sit-down meal with multiple courses, look for a winery with a café. Menus range from sandwiches and barbecue to more elaborate meals, often paired with thoughtfully selected wines from the local vineyards.

Family-friendly:It can be hard to take kids to a winery – there’s nothing for them to drink! Fortunately, some establishments are especially family-friendly, with indoor and outdoor play areas and other activities designed for the young ones, while Mum and Dad can enjoy a glass or two (or more!) of the local offerings.


Find the best Margaret River wineries

If you want to Experience the Best of Margaret River wineries, let us be of service! We have selected the “Best” of each category of attractions – these businesses have been reviewed by a local expert.


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I am married and live on a farm near Margaret River with my wife, daughter and son. I set up The Margaret River Guide to assist people coming to Margaret River Western Australia to easily find what they are looking for. I also wanted to allow people to find activities they did not know about and to be able to openly comment on/ review businesses.


  1. Great question about the wineries.

    The wineries are still open around then but will be closed in the evening as most do not have a licence past 5pm.

    Must in Margaret River is good on NYE and there is a new bar/ bistro opening which is sure to be very good also as the owner has a great reputation and history.

    This is a busy time of year to visit Margaret River, nothing compared to the city ;), and perfect if you want to grab some surf and take in the region, you will love it.

    There are many many options for the region and it is just a matter of what you would like to do.

    Yes many places are closed on Christmas Day and possibly New Years day but that is normal from what I gather. The beach is still open 😉

    What I would recommend is think of what you might like to do on New Years Day, eg like go out for lunch and a beer at Colonial Brewery, and just give them a quick call to check they are open and book a table.

    This will ensure you are not disappointed on the day.

    I hope this helps and I know you will have a fantastic trip.

  2. Yvonne says:

    Hi we are planning on spending NYE2013 at Margaret River but my husband thinks most vineyards are closed during this period. Can you also reccomend what we can do at that time? We plan to be there for 4 nights from 29 Dec to 2 Jan.

    Thank you for your advice!

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