Where To Stay In Margaret River: Maximizing Your Stay in the Wine Region

Are you planning a trip with your friends to the South West and wondering where to stay in Margaret River? Before setting out on your holiday, you all might be extremely excited and it may seem like you have the perfect plan for an unforgettable holiday. After all, you are going to explore a spectacular place with people you get along really well with. However, things can go wrong when you don’t expect them to. You might want to hit the beach while they love the wineries. You may have a budget in mind when searching where to stay in Margaret River, whereas they want to splurge. Also, you might have never realized how disorganized, messy or bad-tempered your friends were before.

Unfortunately, all of this happens to many friends when traveling together. If you don’t want it to happen to you, keep in mind these tips so that your trip to this beautiful region can be a memorable one:

Be careful when choosing your travel companions: If your friends are a bit difficult to tolerate for longer than a couple of hours, it will be extremely difficult to tolerate them when on vacation. Ask yourself if you will enjoy spending long days with these people and only if the answer is yes should you go ahead with planning your holiday.

Discuss important issues beforehand: Before coming to the South West, plan to meet up one day so that you can all sit down and make all the important decisions. Discussing your budget, where to stay in Margaret River, which towns to visit, what to see and do are all major issues to sort out before you leave. Agreeing on these things in advance can save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and arguments.

Work together: There might be some people in your group who are good at searching where to stay in Margaret River and finding the best hotels while others might be good at reading maps and developing an itinerary. When planning your vacation, divide the workload and give everyone a task. That way, no one will feel left out or no one person will feel like they have to do everything.

Spend some time away from each other: Holidaying with friends doesn’t mean you need to spend every minute together. If you want to visit the caves while someone else wants to check out an art gallery, split up into groups and meet later on in the evening to swap stories about the wonderful day everyone had.

Lastly, do keep in mind the main reason you are traveling with your buddies: to build stronger relationships and have a great time. Remember these tips when searching where to stay in Margaret River and traveling with friends and you shall have a great holiday.

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