Where Can I Go Horse Riding In Margaret River?

The Margaret River wine region is renowned for its natural beauty, beaches and award winning vineries- and Margaret River horse riding is an excellent way to enjoy much of these. The area is admired by horse-back riding lovers since it provides them a range of facilities and services. There are horse riding tours available throughout the year to suit people with different skill levels and of different age groups. The tours can range from overnight campouts to one-hour-long bush rides to Irishman’s adventure pool rides. Experienced guides and trained horses together with immaculate surroundings ensure a memorable riding experience. Moreover, there are small ponies available for the little ones to ride.

Margaret River horse riding is meant for those who wish to discover some of the best countryside and flora and fauna that Australia has to offer without burning a hole in their pocket. Riding on the horseback can allow you to cover large parts of land and witness everything from an entirely new perspective, meaning that you can see more from the back of your horse than being on foot. The South West has a number of excellent horse riding destinations including the Horse Resort, Jesters Flat as well as the Margaret River Horse-Back Tours. The following are some of the activities that these places offer:

Vineyard/ Brewery Tours: Designed for people interested in both Margaret River horse riding and renowned vineyards and breweries of this region. This is an excellent way to explore what the South West is famous for.

Polocrosse: Combining features of lacrosse and polo, this action-packed sports event is organized by Jesters Flat every year, with several leisure teams taking part. Polocrosse is not appropriate for inexpert riders.

Residential Visits: Choose from half or full day residential and kids’ riding camps. You can learn the fundamentals of horse riding with lesson on feeding, grooming and caring for horses.

Trail Rides: This is a perfect way to enjoy the wonderful landscape of Margaret River. Travel around the native woods and bushland while riding a horse. Regardless of your skills, you can find a trail ride personalized to meet your needs.

Riding Lessons: Lessons are available for experienced as well as beginner horse riders- you can even select a short personalized lesson at an indoor venue. These Margaret River horse riding lessons are for whose who wish to improve their skills or learn a different riding style.


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