What To Do In Margaret River WA: Things Tourist Can Do When Visiting the Wine Region

Those searching for what to do in Margaret River WA always find an endless list of activities and attractions. This region in the South West consists of a few sophisticated towns, featuring numerous award-winning wineries and elegant cafes/restaurants. The area offers exceptional hospitality as well as beautiful landscapes with thick forests and lush green hills and those wondering what to do in Margaret River WA never walk away disappointed. Below is a list of some of these things that you might want to try when holidaying in this region:

Abseiling: The sea cliffs found at Wilyabrup are ranked as some of South West’s best rock climbing and abseiling sites. Several programs are available to teach participants about the basic rules of abseiling and how to ensure safety. Participants gradually advance from low to high cliffs and those who are good at the sport can even have a go at forward abseiling.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse: Those wondering what to do in Margaret River WA should definitely visit this historic landmark. Set at a point where the Southern and Indian Oceans come together, this lighthouse measuring 39 meters is the tallest one in mainland Australia and amongst the world’s last few manually operated lighthouses. The stream of light coming from it is as intense as the beam of a million candles and brightens up the nearby landscape and sea for about 48 kilometers. Tours take place on a daily basis and a café, retail shop and visitor center are located at the venue.

Whale watching: All kinds of tourists visit Cape Naturaliste from October to November to see the whales playing in the clean blue waters of the ocean. During these months, these magnificent creatures make their way to this area to feed in the summer. The peaceful Geographe Bay is the perfect place for the calves to feed and become strong before they head towards the Southern Oceans. Watching them is definitely an extraordinary experience.

Stringrays at Hamelin Bay: If you love marine life and are searching what to do in Margaret River WA, make sure you visit Hamelin Bay. Here, you can watch fascinating stingrays elegantly swimming near the shores and posing for pictures with the tourists. Although it’s advisable that you don’t pat them, they can often be hand fed. Early morning and late afternoon are the times when you are most likely to see them.

With so many excellent attractions, one never really has to think long about what to do in Margaret River WA. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself extending your holiday because you want to see more of this wonderful region.

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