Surfing Australia: The Best Surf Spots in Australia

Surfing Australia is something that you can’t afford to miss during your OZ travels. This wonderful country is popular as one of the premier surfing spots on earth.  Its 37,000 kilometer coastline has been blessed with reef, beach and point breaks to cater to even the most seasoned board riders. For those who are less skillful, there are numerous easy-rolling swells which beginners can enjoy safely and confidently. The following are the three best surfing Australia beaches for your summer break or spring vacation:

Tamarama Beach: Situated in Sydney, NSW, Tamarama Beach is nicknamed “Glamor-ama” by the locals because this is the spot where people go to, for seeing or being seen. The beach holds two other distinctions: the high number of rescues conducted here officially makes it the country’s most risky patrolled beach. Moreover, when the swell actually rolls in, there is an offshore rock that self shapes an amazing 12-16 ft. wave which draws dedicated board-riders, hundreds of spectators and dozens of photographers- a remarkable surfing Australia experience.

The article “The Three Best Beaches for Surfing in Australia: Levels, Accommodations and Gear Rental, Too!” uses the following words to describe Tamarama Beach. “Tamarama is also Australia’s most dangerous beach, so it’s definitely not the beach for beginning surfers. But if you’re feeling risky, you can surf in comfort knowing that the beach is heavily patrolled by one of the first surf lifesaving organizations created.”

Bells Beach: Situated in Torquay, Victoria, Bells Beach is the historical and spiritual home of surfing Australia as well as the site of the most prestigious and oldest professional surf event in the world i.e. the Rip Curl Pro. Swells coming from the Southern Ocean steepen and slow down over the shallow reefs and result in amazing surf which can rise up to 15 ft. or more. Their shape is also famously consistent since the sea-bed isn’t especially sandy and therefore not prone to variability which is created by the shifting sandbars.

Kirra Beach: It is impossible to exclude the internationally renowned Kirra Beach even if it had not been endorsed by seven-time international surfing champion Kelly Slater. Situated at the stunning southern corner of the Gold Coast, Kirra is also a favorite surfing Australia spot amongst divers.

As well as these, there are countless other surf destinations across the country where you can enjoy surfing Australia. The Margaret River region is WA’s undisputed surf capital and boasts a huge range of powerful and challenging waves over 40 stunning kilometers of coastline.

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