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You know you want to travel to the South West and stay in the finest Margaret River hotels and resorts but the thought of planning a vacation with your little ones scares you. How will you keep them occupied? What if they start crying on the plane? How will you deal with the stares of other guests if they don’t behave in public? There is a solution to all of these issues. With some planning, it is possible to plan a family vacation that makes everybody happy and gives you that highly deserved break you were looking for. Here are a few tips on how you can keep kids happy when on vacation so that everyone can have a great time:

Get enough rest: When staying in Margaret River hotels and resorts with kids, it is advisable to avoid going to bed too late. Kids tend to become cranky if they don’t get enough rest so try and follow their usual sleeping routine, if possible. If there’s something special that you are planning to do that is going to result in you returning late at night, make sure you let them sleep longer the next day.

Choose family friendly lodgings and restaurants: When planning a vacation with your kids, make sure you spend your time in Margaret River hotels and resorts that cater to families. A friendly environment where your kids are welcomed and you meet travelers like yourself will make you relax and enjoy more. And since you won’t need to tell your little ones to sit down and be quiet all the time, they are likely to be in a better mood too.

Make sure there’s enough space for everyone to sleep well: In order to save money, sometimes families end up booking Margaret River hotels and resorts that don’t provide them with the space they need. No one should sleep with someone’s foot resting on their back or be kicked in the face when a sibling stretches out. Be realistic and go for a large room so that everyone has enough space.

Take into account everyone’s interests: If you have children of different ages, make sure you plan on doing different things each day so that there is something to please everyone. For example, you can visit some wineries one day and a beach the next. At the beach, the younger ones can build sandcastles while the older ones can go swimming or even fishing.

At the end of the day, no matter how much you plan things can still go wrong. Kids cry, hurt themselves and get sick and sunburnt. However, by preparing well and staying at good family friendly Margaret River hotels and resorts, you can deal with these issues without any problem and still have a great family vacation. Enjoy!

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