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If you are a Margaret River bride and groom planning your wedding ceremony, you are probably going crazy trying to get everything right. Since the decision to get hitched is definitely not an insignificant one, it is only natural if you and your other half plan to celebrate this occasion with a grand wedding ceremony. Whether you want a massive party and invite everyone you know or just rejoice with a small group of close family and friends, these tips will ensure that your wedding in Margaret River is a successful and fabulous one:

Plan everything in advance: For a Margaret River bride and groom, it’s always best to start planning early as there will be various things to organize. Firstly, you will need to set the time, date and venue. The region will provide you with several options when it comes to wedding venues including breweries, beaches, resorts, wineries and even caves.

Decide who you want to invite: This is something that the Margaret River bride and groom should decide together. Jot down the names of everyone you want to invite and get their addresses, phone numbers and emails. Sending out invitations to their homes will be the best thing to do but calls/emails are also a viable option. Make sure you give them all the details of where the venue is, the planned itinerary and who to contact if they want further information.

Don’t go overboard: If you plan too many things, this can lead to unnecessary stress both at the event and before it as well. When planning the wedding, you will constantly be running around trying to get everything sorted out and when the ceremony takes place, you will still be stressing out about whether you have enough time for all the activities you organized. Plan an easy and relaxed ceremony with sufficient downtime so that both you and your guests can have fun.

Delegate: Since the Margaret River bride and groom might find it hard to do everything by themselves, it is advisable to give close family and friends some tasks. For example, one person can be made in charge of arranging transport while another can help ensure that enough food and wine is served to the guests. This will give you some peace of mind and your loved ones will probably be willing to help you out.

Every Margaret River bride and groom should remember these tips in order to host a successful wedding. Don’t forget to take loads of photographs to ensure that you have evidence of what a wonderful wedding you had.

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