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Born and raised in Western Australia, Ben Knapinski (a.k.a. BJK) is a zealous photographer blessed with a deep passion and love for his home state, especially the scenic North West. During the last decade, he has expressed his sentiments through an innovative variety of prints and pictorial books. Until very recently, this extensive outback was generally unnoticed by most photographers. Filling this void will need years of sacrifice and hard work beyond Ben Knapinski’s career together with the expenditure involved, mainly with publishing.

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Ben Knapinski – BJK Photo Gallery
4/14 Fearn Avenue
Margaret River
WA 6285

Phone: 1300 855 165
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One of WA’s own photographers, Ben Knapinski has gained immense popularity due to his professionalism and class. His images are boldly erratic and diverse, which range from smooth and simple compositions to some very detailed, wide scenes. Ben Knapinski regularly does lots of breathtaking shots across the state. He covers a massive area in his landscape photography, which is too broad for many to touch on. It is hard for anybody to look at Ben Knapinski’s pictures and not be amazed by just seeing them.

Using the discipline of a time-honored film background, Ben Knapinski utilises a range of specialised cameras and self taught procedures. His expertise extends beyond panoramic landscape and he is now practicing nearly all fields of the profession including below the surface (underwater) photography. Ben Knapinski doesn’t rely on fake enhancements of his pictures, or copying the work of other photographers- an approach which appears widespread these days.

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The high tech panoramic equipment that Ben Knapinski uses renders the perception of human eye and enables exceedingly detailed prints particularly at larger sizes. Ben Knapinski’s intriguing panoramic prints and publications are admired and collected by people around the world who are interested in one of the world’s last wilderness frontiers-WA. It is the creativity and originality reflected in his work that appeals to everybody.

Today, Ben Knapinski continues to work on refining his skills and achieving his long time dream of creating pictorial books and prints on some of the most unique areas throughout WA but with an aim to not expose or name fragile or sacred locations. He was honoured with The Sir David Brand Young Achiever Medal at the Western Australia Tourism Awards in 2008. This prestigious award recognises the out-of-the-ordinary achievements by individuals below 35 years of age who have contributed significantly to the positive image of WA tourism. Ben Knapinski’s brilliant prints and publications really showcase photography at its best.

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