Baz Salmon

There is something about the South West of Western Australia which brings out the artist in every local. One of such artists is Baz Salmon.


Baz Salmon
427 Forest Grove Road,
Forest Grove WA,6286

Open on Sundays from 10 AM to 4 PM

Point of Difference

Baz Salmon

Baz Salmon

Barry Salmon best known as Baz was born in Mt lawley, Western Australia in 1960 and grew up in suburban Redcliffe. Baz has been invited by “World Wide Art Books” based in Santa Barbara,California to appear in the juried publication, “International Contemporary Masters Volume 7” which will be published in March 2013. Also at this time Baz will appear in an additional publication called “Important World Artists”.

Art Style

Baz Salmon’s art is usually painted with oils on canvas. Through his brushes, he aims to shine the light on man’s connection with nature. In addition, despite stating to be a man far from religious, his paintings are designed to create a window into the spiritual dimension inside every soul. Unlike other artists, Salmon doesn’t require objects to be inspired. He believes that he is connected with a source, a no thing from which all things are formed and will return to. This is why his paintings are under the logo Big No Thing Art.

Arts South West Organisation

Like many of his peers, Baz Salmon is part of the Arts South West Organisation, a group established by the Department of Culture and Arts and South West Development Commission. It provides visual artists with a supportive platform from where they can pursue their art careers and improve their skills. In addition, it helps art lovers find galleries where local artists’ masterpieces are on display.

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