Save Your Legs! At CinefestOZ

Organisers of the Western Australian movie festival CinefestOZ are hoping that another true charming story this year will draw movie fans to their spectacular Busselton-based festival.

Save Your Legs! is a bromance/comedy about an amateur Australian cricket team’s tour to India in 2001. The movie features Brendan Cowell and Stephen Curry (The Cup). Cowell will be present at the gala premiere of his movie at CinefestOZ. He will be accompanied by producer Nick Barzias, who was one of the original members of the team.

The news article “Runs on the board” has all the information you need about CinefestOZ 2012. It quotes CinefestOz’s director of movies Helen Shervington as saying: “It will be just the second screening of it (Save Your Legs!) in Australia after it opens at the Melbourne International Film Festival this week. It’s one of the films we have from our ongoing relationship with them, and we’re very excited to have Nick and Brendan attending.”

This larger-than-life cricket comedy is one of numerous movies to have its WA or Australian premiere at the five-day event (22 – 26 August), which celebrates Australian as well as French movies in appreciation of the early French explorers to the South West. Through a highly anticipated movie selection and feature movie premieres, CinefestOZ attracts a diverse range of audience and draws actors and filmmakers from across Australia.

Award-winning French movie The Intouchables will have its WA premiere at CinefestOZ. It will be screened on the inaugural night together with Australian movie 33 Postcards, featuring Guy Pearce.

Shervington says she is enthusiastic about The Sapphires, an inspirational story set in the late 1960’s about a quarter of talented, young singers from a remote Aboriginal community who entertained the soldiers during the Vietnam War. There will be the adventure movie The Dragon Pearl, featuring Small Neill, the fascinating hostage film Last Dance, as well as the horror comedy 100 Bloody Acres.

As far as the French section is concerned, Shervington has intentionally opted for movies set in France’s popular wine areas. The family drama You Will Be My Son is set in the middle of Bordeaux’s vineyards, and Sideway is a contemporary comedy on male/female relationships set in Corsica. These films are really appropriate for a movie festival taking place in Margaret River, a region known for its award-winning wines.

The complete schedule for CinefestOz 2012 will be soon unveiled.

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