Results for the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro 2011

Find daily results for the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro – this event is part of the World Qualifying Series (WQS) Men’s Division and is Australia’s premier surfing competition. With great monetary prizes on offer for the winners each year, it attracts the biggest names in world surfing.

Surfers Point can Kelly Slater do it in 2011?

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The Margaret River Drug Aware Pro 2011, held between April 3rd and April 10th, is bringing together some of the world’s best surfing talents, including the world’s top ranked surfer Kelly Slater, to catch a wave in the renowned Margaret River surf.

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Damien Hobgood from the USA won the mens 2011 pro and

Courtney Conlogue from the USA won the womens

Monday-4th, Tuesday-5th, Wednesday 6th, Thursday-7th, Friday-8th, Saturday-9th, Sunday-10th

This year’s event is a joint project of Sunset Events and Surfing Western Australia and is said to be one of the most amazing programs in the 2011 entertainment and sporting calendar. Apart from the thrilling surfing performances in the water, the Drug Aware Pro also offers exciting art exhibitions and live music. For full details visit Telstra Drug Aware Pro 2011.

Men’s surfers competing in the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro include: world surfing champion Kelly Slater, two-time world champion Mick Fanning (last year’s No. 3), Taj Burrow (No. 4) and Bede Durbidge (Number 5).

Women’s surfers competing in the Drug Aware Pro 2011 include 3 of the world’s top 5: Tyler Wright, Chelsea Hedges and Laura Enever.

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  • 3rd April: We apologies for lack of resuts to post. The Telstra Drug Aware pro site is down too, so no luck there.  We are working on this as you read this and our apologies, rest-assured we are on to getting the results to you as we get them. Thank you for your understanding.
  • 4th April: Just in from

Photography by Ian Wiese

“While all the media attention focused on today’s media conference, rounds one and two of the Telstra Drug Aware Pro Women’s divisions were held in good clean 1m (3 feet) surf at Surfers Point Margaret River.

Local surfer Felicity Palmeteer was one of the most impressive round two heat winners defeating South Africa’s Nikita Robb who also advanced through to round three in 2nd place.

“I was really nervous heading out for that heat,” said Palmeteer.

Other girls to impress in the early rounds included Hawaiian Malia Manuel who top scored with 15.83 out of a possible 20 for her two top scoring rides along with Sunshine Coast’s Dimity Stoyle, Newcastle’s Philippa Anderson, Pauline Ado from France and Brazilian charger Silvana Lima.””(quoted from )

More news of the early womens heats here:

  • 5th April:

Womens Rnd of 24
Heat 1
1st BIANCA BUITENDAG (ZAF ) 10.36p,Win by 1.42
2nd PHILIPPA ANDERSON (AUS ) 8.94p, Needs 4.69
3rd NIKITA ROBB (ZAF ) 7.77p, Needs 4.45
4th ORNELLA PELLIZZARI (ARG ) 6.67p, Needs 5.45
Heat 2
1st FELICITY PALMATEER (AUS ) 14.40p,Win by 0.80
2nd SILVANA LIMA (BRA ) 13.60p, Needs 7.08
3rd PAULINE ADO (FRA ) 10.27p, Needs 8.00
4th JACQUELINE SILVA (BRA ) 5.50p, Comb. 13.61
Heat 3
1st JESSI MILEY-DYER (AUS ) 17.30p,Win by 4.74
2nd SAGE ERICKSON (USA ) 12.56p, Comb. 17.31
3rd AMANDINE SANCHEZ (FRA ) 6.26p, Needs 9.23
4th SARAH MASON (AUS ) 4.80p, Needs 8.03
Heat 4
1st PAIGE HAREB (NZL ) 12.34p,Win by 4.34
2nd LAURA ENEVER (AUS ) 8.00p, Needs 7.84
3rd BO STANLEY (USA ) 6.66p, Needs 3.78
4th ALIZE ARNAUD (FRA ) 6.23p, Needs 3.78
Heat 5
1st CHELSEA HEDGES (AUS ) 13.13p,Win by 0.49
2nd CLAIRE BEVILACQUA (AUS ) 12.64p, Needs 5.96
3rd SARAH BAUM (ZAF ) 12.17p, Needs 5.14
4th JUSTINE DUPONT (FRA ) 11.17p, Needs 6.05
1st COURTNEY CONLOGUE (USA ) 12.56p,Win by 0.06
2nd REBECCA WOODS (AUS ) 12.50p, Needs 5.73
3rd NAGE MELAMED (HAW ) 7.67p, Needs 8.60
4th NIKKI VAN DIJK (AUS ) 7.57p, Needs 8.70

Mens 1st part of Rnd of 96
Heat 1
1st Dave Winchester ( ) 14.17p,Win by 4.07
2nd Ben Veitch ( ) 10.10p, Needs 8.24
3rd Alex Halsey ( ) 10.00p, Needs 4.10
4th Brady Devenny ( ) 6.17p, Needs 6.60
Heat 2
1st GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 13.87p,Win by 4.87
2nd DYLAN GRAVES (PRI ) 9.00p, Needs 9.04
3rd HODEI COLLAZO (EUK ) 6.80p, Needs 5.60
4th TRAVIS LOGIE (ZAF ) 0.00p, Needs 9.00
Heat 3
1st CHRIS WARD (USA ) 10.97p,Win by 1.54
2nd JERONIMO VARGAS (BRA ) 9.43p, Needs 5.65
3rd ALEJO MUNIZ (BRA ) 9.40p, Needs 4.37
4th MASON HO (HAW ) 7.96p, Needs 4.51
Heat 4
1st MITCH CREWS (AUS ) 16.16p,Win by 1.73
2nd JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 14.43p, Needs 8.83
3rd NIC MUSCROFT (AUS ) 14.03p, Needs 6.23
4th NECO PADARATZ (BRA ) 11.23p, Needs 8.30
Heat 5
1st JACK FREESTONE (AUS ) 14.53p,Win by 3.03
2nd NAT YOUNG (USA ) 11.50p, Needs 8.13
3rd HIZUNOME BETTERO (BRA ) 7.71p, Needs 8.91
4th ADRIANO DE SOUZA (BRA ) 6.35p, Needs 9.20
Heat 6
1st ARITZ ARANBURU (EUK ) 14.93p,Win by 3.70
2nd TONINO BENSON (HAW ) 11.23p, Needs 8.70
3rd ADAM MELLING (AUS ) 10.70p, Needs 5.71
4th JAY QUINN (NZL ) 10.54p, Needs 5.07
Heat 7
1st SHAUN JOUBERT (ZAF ) 14.97p,Win by 0.33
2nd PATRICK GUDAUSKAS (USA ) 14.64p, Needs 5.90
3rd ROY POWERS (HAW ) 12.36p, Needs 7.72
4th MARCO POLO (BRA ) 12.00p, Needs 8.38
Heat 8
1st MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 12.66p,Win by 2.56
2nd WIGGOLLY DANTAS (BRA ) 10.10p, Needs 7.16
3rd OWEN WRIGHT (AUS ) 8.50p, Needs 3.60
4th RY CRAIKE (AUS ) 3.17p, Needs 8.10

  • 6th April:

Womens Rnd of 12
Heat 1
1st SAGE ERICKSON (USA ) 9.83p,Win by 0.83
2nd FELICITY PALMATEER (AUS ) 9.00p, Needs 3.83
3rd BIANCA BUITENDAG (ZAF ) 8.60p, Needs 4.31
Heat 2
1st SILVANA LIMA (BRA ) 15.67p,Win by 3.67
2nd JESSI MILEY-DYER (AUS ) 12.00p, Needs 9.50
3rd PHILIPPA ANDERSON (AUS ) 6.40p, Needs 8.70
Heat 3
1st REBECCA WOODS (AUS ) 8.33p,Win by 1.16
2nd PAIGE HAREB (NZL ) 7.17p, Needs 4.34
3rd CHELSEA HEDGES (AUS ) 7.07p, Needs 3.31
Heat 4
1st COURTNEY CONLOGUE (USA ) 12.00p,Win by 3.20
2nd CLAIRE BEVILACQUA (AUS ) 8.80p, Needs 7.30
3rd LAURA ENEVER (AUS ) 5.62p, Needs 6.63

Mens Rnd 96
Heat 9
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 11.67p,Win by 1.57
2nd MASATOSHI OHNO (JPN ) 10.10p, Needs 6.35
3rd BEN DUNN (AUS ) 9.93p, Needs 4.50
4th CAIO IBELLI (BRA ) 9.63p, Needs 3.77
Heat 10
1st JAY THOMPSON (AUS ) 12.63p,Win by 2.00
2nd MATT WILKINSON (AUS ) 10.63p, Needs 5.70
3rd GABRIEL MEDINA (BRA ) 10.33p, Needs 5.31
4th MAXIME HUSCENOT (FRA ) 3.47p, Needs 8.83
Heat 11
1st PABLO PAULINO (BRA ) 13.46p,Win by 0.13
2nd TOM WHITAKER (AUS ) 13.33p, Needs 5.63
3rd GABE KLING (USA ) 10.83p, Needs 7.01
4th ADAM ROBERTSON (AUS ) 8.53p, Needs 9.00
Heat 12
1st KELLY SLATER (USA ) 12.36p,Win by 0.36
2nd BILLY STAIRMAND (NZL ) 12.00p, Needs 5.36
3rd DAVID DO CARMO (BRA ) 11.83p, Needs 5.68
4th GONY ZUBIZARRETA (ESP ) 4.87p, Needs 9.43
Heat 13
1st MICK FANNING (AUS ) 14.83p,Win by 2.66
2nd RICHARD CHRISTIE (NZL ) 12.17p, Needs 7.67
3rd SHAUN CANSDELL (AUS ) 10.50p, Needs 6.01
4th JETHRO HEDSTROM (AUS ) 8.00p, Needs 4.84
Heat 14
1st DANIEL ROSS (AUS ) 13.34p,Win by 1.31
2nd CORY LOPEZ (USA ) 12.03p, Needs 6.14
3rd HEATH JOSKE (AUS ) 8.17p, Needs 8.69
4th ROYDEN BRYSON (ZAF ) 3.06p, Needs 9.70
Heat 15
1st KIEREN PERROW (AUS ) 12.47p,Win by 1.41
2nd WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 11.06p, Needs 6.64
3rd BRANDON JACKSON (ZAF ) 10.97p, Needs 5.37
4th JOEL CENTEIO (HAW ) 9.46p, Needs 5.93
Heat 16
1st DAVEY CATHELS (AUS ) 11.43p,Win by 1.63
2nd BLAKE THORNTON (AUS ) 9.80p, Needs 5.94
3rd CHRIS DAVIDSON (AUS ) 6.93p, Needs 6.07
4th NATHANIEL CURRAN (USA ) 5.66p, Needs 6.57
Heat 17
1st MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF ) 14.84p,Win by 3.50
2nd CREED MCTAGGART (AUS ) 11.34p, Needs 8.67
3rd TIM BOAL (FRA ) 9.94p, Needs 6.08
4th JOAN DURU (FRA ) 8.46p, Needs 6.71
Heat 18
1st SEBASTIEN ZIETZ (HAW ) 9.90p,Win by 0.74
2nd JOSH KERR (AUS ) 9.16p, Needs 4.58
3rd HEITOR ALVES (BRA ) 8.96p, Needs 4.54
4th JAYKE SHARP (AUS ) 5.73p, Needs 5.86
Heat 19
1st KAI BARGER (HAW ) 13.16p,Win by 1.96
2nd DION ATKINSON (AUS ) 11.20p, Needs 7.33
3rd YURI SODRE (BRA ) 9.60p, Needs 6.27
4th DUSTY PAYNE (HAW ) 6.33p, Needs 7.40
Heat 20
1st GLENN HALL (IRL ) 15.93p,Win by 3.00
2nd YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 12.93p, Needs 9.10
3rd BEDE DURBIDGE (AUS ) 11.47p, Needs 6.03
4th LUKE CHEADLE (AUS ) 8.67p, Needs 7.76

  • 7th April:

Mens rnd 48
Heat 1
1st JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 12.53p,Win by 2.26
2nd GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 10.27p, Needs 6.47
3rd JONATHAN GONZALEZ (CNY ) 10.06p, Needs 5.05
4th JERONIMO VARGAS (BRA ) 7.66p, Needs 5.95
Heat 2
1st ADRIAN BUCHAN (AUS ) 14.50p,Win by 6.43
2nd CHRIS WARD (USA ) 8.07p, Needs 10.00
3rd DYLAN GRAVES (PRI ) 3.83p, Needs 5.24
4th MITCH CREWS (AUS ) 3.17p, Needs 4.90
Heat 3
1st ARITZ ARANBURU (EUK ) 8.80p,Win by 0.37
2nd PATRICK GUDAUSKAS (USA ) 8.43p, Needs 4.39
3rd JACK FREESTONE (AUS ) 6.43p, Needs 5.01
4th WIGGOLLY DANTAS (BRA ) 3.44p, Needs 6.57
Heat 4
1st NAT YOUNG (USA ) 11.00p,Win by 0.27
2nd MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 10.73p, Needs 3.50
3rd SHAUN JOUBERT (ZAF ) 10.37p, Needs 3.97
4th TONINO BENSON (HAW ) 6.14p, Needs 5.57
Heat 5
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 11.27p,Win by 2.10
2nd BILLY STAIRMAND (NZL ) 9.17p, Needs 6.11
3rd TOM WHITAKER (AUS ) 7.34p, Needs 6.34
4th JAY THOMPSON (AUS ) 4.93p, Needs 6.67
Heat 6
1st KELLY SLATER (USA ) 15.50p,Win by 5.84
2nd MASATOSHI OHNO (JPN ) 9.66p, Comb. 15.51
3rd PABLO PAULINO (BRA ) 9.63p, Needs 4.84
4th MATT WILKINSON (AUS ) 8.03p, Needs 4.94
Heat 7
1st MICK FANNING (AUS ) 13.83p,Win by 1.19
2nd WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 12.64p, Needs 7.37
3rd BLAKE THORNTON (AUS ) 9.60p, Needs 7.64
4th DANIEL ROSS (AUS ) 8.50p, Needs 5.14
Heat 8
1st KIEREN PERROW (AUS ) 15.16p,Win by 3.99
2nd RICHARD CHRISTIE (NZL ) 11.17p, Needs 8.49
3rd CORY LOPEZ (USA ) 11.17p, Needs 5.18
4th DAVEY CATHELS (AUS ) 9.64p, Needs 5.11
Heat 9
1st YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 14.60p,Win by 2.27
2nd MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF ) 12.33p, Needs 7.77
3rd DION ATKINSON (AUS ) 9.93p, Needs 5.91
4th SEBASTIEN ZIETZ (HAW ) 7.40p, Needs 7.83
Heat 10
1st KAI BARGER (HAW ) 11.33p,Win by 2.03
2nd GLENN HALL (IRL ) 9.30p, Needs 5.44
3rd JOSH KERR (AUS ) 7.60p, Needs 5.44
4th CREED MCTAGGART (AUS ) 4.47p, Needs 5.74
Heat 11
1st TAJ BURROW (AUS ) 13.60p,Win by 2.10
2nd JOEL PARKINSON (AUS ) 11.50p, Needs 7.11
3rd RAONI MONTEIRO (BRA ) 9.10p, Needs 5.58
4th LUKE STEDMAN (AUS ) 2.26p, Comb. 11.51
Heat 12
1st JULIAN WILSON (AUS ) 17.80p,Win by 6.47
2nd KAI OTTON (AUS ) 11.33p, Comb. 17.81
3rd TY WATSON (AUS ) 11.07p, Needs 5.34
4th LINCOLN TAYLOR (AUS ) 8.33p, Needs 6.51

  • 8th April:

Mens Rnd of 24
Heat 1
1st JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 10.83p,Win by 1.66
2nd CHRIS WARD (USA ) 9.17p, Needs 4.33
Heat 2
1st GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 11.67p,Win by 0.57
2nd ADRIAN BUCHAN (AUS ) 11.10p, Needs 5.41
Heat 3
1st MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 14.33p,Win by 2.66
2nd ARITZ ARANBURU (EUK ) 11.67p, Needs 8.33
Heat 4
1st PATRICK GUDAUSKAS (USA ) 12.60p,Win by 2.17
2nd NAT YOUNG (USA ) 10.43p, Needs 6.78
Heat 5
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 9.00p,Win by 1.93
2nd MASATOSHI OHNO (JPN ) 7.07p, Needs 4.51
Heat 6
1st BILLY STAIRMAND (NZL ) 16.50p,Win by 1.00
2nd KELLY SLATER (USA ) 15.50p, Needs 8.51
Heat 7
1st MICK FANNING (AUS ) 13.70p,Win by 3.70
2nd RICHARD CHRISTIE (NZL ) 10.00p, Needs 8.03
Heat 8
1st WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 11.23p,Win by 2.86
2nd KIEREN PERROW (AUS ) 8.37p, Needs 6.36
Heat 9
1st YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 15.16p,Win by 2.00
2nd GLENN HALL (IRL ) 13.16p, Needs 6.33
Heat 10
1st MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF ) 14.43p,Win by 3.16
2nd KAI BARGER (HAW ) 11.27p, Needs 8.53
Heat 11
1st TAJ BURROW (AUS ) 17.33p,Win by 5.33
2nd KAI OTTON (AUS ) 12.00p, Needs 9.34
Heat 12
1st JULIAN WILSON (AUS ) 13.20p,Win by 0.10
2nd JOEL PARKINSON (AUS ) 13.10p, Needs 6.20

Mens NL Rnd of 12
Heat 1
1st GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 15.00p,Win by 3.24
2nd MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 11.76p, Needs 9.07
3rd JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 5.27p, Comb. 15.01
Heat 2
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 12.07p,Win by 1.57
2nd BILLY STAIRMAND (NZL ) 10.50p, Needs 5.41
3rd PATRICK GUDAUSKAS (USA ) 6.73p, Needs 6.75
Heat 3
1st YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 15.23p,Win by 3.23
2nd MICK FANNING (AUS ) 12.00p, Needs 8.56
3rd WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 9.34p, Comb. 15.24
Heat 4
1st TAJ BURROW (AUS ) 18.00p,Win by 2.67
2nd MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF ) 15.33p, Comb. 18.01
3rd JULIAN WILSON (AUS ) 15.00p, Needs 9.34

Mens Rnd of 12
Heat 1
1st MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 9.53p,Win by 2.03
2nd PATRICK GUDAUSKAS (USA ) 7.50p, Needs 5.04
Heat 2
1st JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 12.10p,Win by 1.50
2nd BILLY STAIRMAND (NZL ) 10.60p, Needs 6.44
Heat 3
1st JULIAN WILSON (AUS ) 16.20p, Tied  7.01
2nd MICK FANNING (AUS ) 16.20p, Needs 8.04
Heat 4
1st WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 15.50p,Win by 0.84
2nd MICHEL BOUREZ (PYF ) 14.66p, Needs 8.08

  • 9th April:

Mens Quater Final
Heat 1
1st GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 12.40p,Win by 8.63
2nd MARC LACOMARE (FRA ) 3.77p, Comb. 12.41
Heat 2
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 12.60p,Win by 0.14
2nd JADSON ANDRE (BRA ) 12.46p, Needs 5.78
Heat 3
1st YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 12.50p,Win by 1.23
2nd JULIAN WILSON (AUS ) 11.27p, Needs 6.24
Heat 4
1st WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 14.67p,Win by 5.14
2nd TAJ BURROW (AUS ) 9.53p, Needs 7.75

Mens Semi Final
Heat 1
1st DAMIEN HOBGOOD (USA ) 13.57p,Win by 3.24
2nd GRANGER LARSEN (HAW ) 10.33p, Needs 7.58
Heat 2
1st YADIN NICOL (AUS ) 13.83p,Win by 6.19
2nd WILLIAN CARDOSO (BRA ) 7.64p, Needs 10.70

Mens Final

Womens Quater Final
Heat 1
1st SAGE ERICKSON (USA ) 11.50p,Win by 0.80
2nd JESSI MILEY-DYER (AUS ) 10.70p, Needs 5.31
Heat 2
1st FELICITY PALMATEER (AUS ) 12.93p,Win by 1.50
2nd SILVANA LIMA (BRA ) 11.43p, Needs 6.84
Heat 3
1st REBECCA WOODS (AUS ) 9.56p,Win by 0.39
2nd CLAIRE BEVILACQUA (AUS ) 9.17p, Needs 3.39
Heat 4
1st COURTNEY CONLOGUE (USA ) 11.93p,Win by 3.37
2nd PAIGE HAREB (NZL ) 8.56p, Needs 7.20

Womens Semi Final
Heat 1
1st SAGE ERICKSON (USA ) 12.00p,Win by 6.17
2nd FELICITY PALMATEER (AUS ) 5.83p, Needs 8.50
Heat 2

Womens Final
1st COURTNEY CONLOGUE (USA ) 12.70p,Win by 1.77
2nd SAGE ERICKSON (USA ) 10.93p, Needs 6.38

  • 10th April:
    Finals have been on Saturday due to the reducing swell and thoughts that the sea would be flat calm.

Above results from the Telstra Drug Aware Pro Site, to find out individual scores visit:
Congratulations to all competitors taking part in producing what I know will be some amazing results for the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro 2011 – thanks in advance for putting on what I am sure will be an unforgettable show for the spectators.

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  1. Awesome to see a surfing event completely dedicated to help to raise awareness of drugs and their impacts. Would be great to see other events take a similar path, especially as kids will really take in the message from the professional surfers.
    Pole Dancing Diva recently posted..Pole DancingMy Profile

  2. Hello Benji,

    Sounds like an exciting day and events for everyone. Love how you gave the results and the information about the event. Even giving the links to other sites so people could find more information was brilliant. Great post 😉

    Lisa Wood recently posted..Antique MachineryMy Profile

  3. Great news the Official Telstra Drug Aware Pro site is now back online. To watch a live cam of heats and indepth results visit

  4. Here we go news from Surfing W.A. The womens heats have been under way since 7.30 this morning and they are expected to finish around 10 – 10.30. It is thought that the mens heats will start today around 10am considering the conditions but this is subject to the head judge, co-ordinator and first rep to give the go ahead as there is a good front coming on Thursday. It is not confirmed either way if the big guns like Kelly Slater will be out today but it is provisionaly thought that a few top seeds will be. This is down to the meeting at 10am.

  5. Hi
    This is proving difficult at present. You can find more round up of the April the 4th actions here The mens heats start today 5th of April and Kelly will be on a long with the other big names. Surf is looking good for the week ahead with 15ft waves forcast but the wind might not be so good, time will tell.
    I have no idea what is happeing with the Telstra site but I would guess they are being hit with some serious traffic. When I find the heats I will post a link. Until then thanks.

  6. Hi there,
    Is there a website where we can find out who is surfing tomorrow. Want to come and have a squizz after work but not sure if it will still be on. No websites seem to have any info about who is surfing the next day. Not helpful. Telsta website is down. What’s going on???

  7. Hi Emma

    Thanks for the comment.

    I am affraid that the Telstra Drug Aware Pro site is down at the moment so I too am unable to find heat times for you.

    As for Results we are streaming them as we get them, again Telstra site being down is not helping and we are following organisers, but with difficulty keeping up.

    Thank you for your post and I hope your plans are coming together.

    Please look back for results as we will update the page with the Margaret River Pro results as soon as we have them.

  8. Where can I find heat times? the link to the telstra site isnt active. And yesturdays results aren’t up, where else can I find this information? I’m trying to plan for next weekend.

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