Must Margaret River Chef Russell Blaikie is an author as well

All the recipes you love eating at Must Margaret River are now available in a splendid book called “Must Eat,” written by Must Margaret River Chef Russell Blaikie.

Must Eat By Russell Blaikie of Must Margaret River

Must Eat By Russell Blaikie of Must Margaret River

The book contains a collection of the top 200 most successful bistro food recipes available at Must Winebar, one of the most highly rated Margaret River restaurants. It was toughwork, as the author states, to select only 200 from the vast array of the dishes cooked and served in the Must Margaret River bistro, but the result is outstanding: a book with guidance on how to prepare gourmet food distinctive to the Margaret River region, wines matching with it, all infused with the author’s cooking creed: in order to cook a spectacular meal you have to know the provenance of every ingredient.

Must Margaret River Chef Blaikie’s “secret ingredients”

One of the not-so-secret elements of his success is that Russell Blaikie works only with ingredients that he sources himself from local and trustworthy providers. This is probably a reminiscence of his upbringing on a Western Australia farm and knowing the real taste of fresh, natural ingredients. His insistence on fresh local ingredients may be part of the explanation why the dishes at Must Margaret River taste so good, in addition to Blaikie’s cooking genius and his attention to detail.

The natural fresh ingredients, the chef’s remarkable talent, his vision of creating new and tasty recipes as well as the warm atmosphere and the premium local wine have made Must Margaret River one of the tourists’ and locals’ favourite places for dining.

The location is open daily, from noon until late at night, and it is suitable for small friendly gatherings around a glass of good wine, as well as precious moments spent with loved ones while savouring one of Must Margaret River Chef Blaikie’s culinary masterpieces.

Copies of the book “Must Eat” are available at Must Margaret River, so if you stop there for a glass of wine or a good meal, you can purchase your own copy. If you are lucky you may even get an autograph and more cooking tips from the author himself. If you have experienced the food from Must Margaret River and you are now far away from Western Australia, you can order the book by calling +61 8 9328 8255 or at

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