Local Blokes More ‘Colourful’ Than Men In The Rest Of The Country

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Surfing, yoga and fresh food in the Margaret River region combine to create colourful personalities, a contrast from the men in other parts of Australia, says Brisbane-based travel writer Christine Retschlag, who was recently a guest of the South West Tourism and Accor hotels.

Christine recalls her experiences associated with Margaret River in the article “Take it slow with wine dudes in Western Australia”. She writes: “I’m in Western Australia’s Margaret River region but this is not a story about wine. Ever seen that book about Wine Dogs of Australia? The one that features those cute canine creatures you’ll find in and around the wineries? Well, this is a tale about the Wine Dudes of Western Australia. Those colourful characters that only a remote corner such as Margaret River can deliver.” http://www.perthnow.com.au/travel/australia/take-it-slow-with-wine-dudes-in-western-australia/story-fnho5sih-1226707439761

Blokes in this region are real men, said local resident Neil. When Christine asked him how long it would take her to bump into one of those blokey blokes if she went down to the Bunker Bay beach, not far from where the conversation was taking place, he replied, “Around five seconds.”

At Pullman Resort Bunker Bay, Christine stumbled across Neil Annison, who was in charge of the 15-hectare native gardens around the premises.

“I think we are definitely different over here. It is the sparseness of the country, it definitely makes you more self-reliant. You can find a real bloke out here. The men over here are more manly,” said Neil.

“Around here it is a really healthy surfing culture, which is popular with the girls as well. The guys are all pretty fit and pretty rugged as they surf the reef breaks,” he added.

At Samudra, the house of yoga and raw food in Western Australia, Christine met Director Sheridan Hammond and yoga instructor Mike. The centre offers yoga classes and retreats, eco-friendly clothes and goods produced from natural resources like bamboos. There is also a restaurant-cum-café selling plant-based and raw food.

Christine also visited the Ngilgi Cave in Yallingup where she met tour guide Tod Kearns. She climbed down 700 stairs to go 37 metres underground and see millions of stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Tod reminded her that the way to know the difference between a stalactite and stalagmite was “if you’re lucky, the tights come down”.

Overall, it was a memorable trip for Christine.

You can find out more about the Margaret River region here

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