In the Papers this Week August 15th 2011

‘Hot Box’ To Assist Native Animals

It is now possible for an injured or sick native animal like a possum or bird to begin recovery in a “hot box” or incubator at Margaret River Veterinary Hospital. Funds for the incubator were raised by FAWNA, the main association in the South West that takes care of sick and orphaned wildlife. The project was also supported by Tinderbox based in Balingup. The incubator offers a controlled, consistent atmosphere using a thermostat to allow animals to recover. The hospital receives at least one dozen cases every month, and offers free services to the general public.

Report On Climate Change Says South West Drying Up

A 15% drop in rainfall in the South West corner of WA since the mid-70s and drastic changes in rainfall patterns across the state during the last 40 years are because of climate change, according to a Climate Commission report published this week in Bunbury. The report also said that while the South West has been “markedly drier” in the past four decades, the northern part of WA has shown a trend towards a relatively wetter climate during the same period.

Blackwood Criticism

The shire council’s new plan to once again try and cut a new mouth for Blackwood River has enraged many Augusta residents, who describe it as a waste of resources. The council last week voted 4-3 for opening the channel in the latest effort to flush it out to the sea. The notorious channel was dug for the first time in August 2010, but the plan failed as the water never made it through to the ocean.

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