Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow Comes To Margs

Expert wine industry law company, Finlaysons, has asked Aussie winemakers to brace themselves for tough vintages ahead amid forecasts of volatile weather conditions. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, the annual Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow will offer practical business and legal advice to Aussie grapegrowers and winemakers on how to manage challenging vintages.

The news story “Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow hits town” has full details on Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow XX. It says the following: “The national seminar series, arriving in Margaret River on August 31, will assist small and medium sized businesses in the wine sector to prepare for, and better handle, the challenges presented by erratic weather patterns. The Roadshow will tour nationally, visiting nine of Australia’ leading wine districts.”

Finlaysons is widely known as the top wine industry law company in Australia. It hosts and organises a series of seminars each year in some of Australia’s leading wine regions. The aim is to offer hands-on, practical advice to small and mid-sized businesses and help them deal with critical issues they are facing. This year’s Roadshow will focus on the topic of “Managing Difficult Vintages”.

Will Taylor, wine partner at Finlaysons, said that last year’s vintage was quite tough for Aussie winemakers and grapegrowers. Following a challenging year in 2011, this year’s vintage was generally of very high quality, but was lower yielding and posed some major quality challenges in a few areas, Taylor said.

There are a number of things that you can do both in the winery and the vineyard to considerably improve your odds of having an excellent vintage. The Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow XX will feature a team of four top experts in winemaking, wine law and viticulture. During the seminar, a viticulturist will advise you on what to do in your vineyard; a winemaking consultancy will tell you what you need to do in your winery to mitigate negative vineyard effects whereas the two lawyers will talk about minimising risk and allocating risk between winemaker and grower, suitable assessment procedures in the winery and vineyard and dispute resolution.

Success is mostly about preparation, communication and diligence, as well as the sensible use of modern technology. By attending the Finlaysons’ Wine Roadshow, you can prepare yourself to cope with challenging vintages in the future.

For registration, call Jennifer Sothman at 08 8235 7769 or email Besides, you can also visit the following website:

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