Where To Find The Best Display Of Wildflowers In The South West

To view a stunning collection of wildflowers, make the trip to the delightful south west corner of Western Australia this September and be part of the Busselton Wildflower Exhibition. Here you will find gorgeous flowers in full bloom.

The article “Busselton Wildflower Exhibition” has all the information you need about this event. It says, “The Busselton Wildflower Exhibition has been an annual event in the town for 83 years and is a great way to see the many wildflowers of the area showcased. The south west corner of Western Australia is renowned for having one of the richest and most diverse flora in the world. Seventy five per cent of the 11,000 species recorded in Western Australia grow in the South West of the state and this exhibition gives those unable to ‘go bush’ an opportunity to see a great variety of specimens.” http://www.touristradio.com.au/busselton/community/busselton_wildflower_exhibition.htm

The Busselton Wildflower Exhibition is your chance to come down and see the explosion of colour this wildflower season. The south west is famous as one of the most biodiverse floral areas in the world, with many species not found anywhere else. Set against spectacular natural scenery, the wildflowers generate a carpet of colour that you must not miss.

Presented in a very informative and interesting way, individual varieties of orchids and flowers are exhibited with their botanical names, generating interest for both expert and amateur alike, whereas massed bowls of flowers offer the odour and colour of spring indoors.

Held by the Uniting Church of Busselton, the Busselton Wildflower Exhibition draws guests from places very far away. The flowers for the event are picked by those who have been issued a one-day “Pickers Licence” by the Department of Conservation. Every picker is aware of the importance of preserving the native flora and fauna, and makes every effort to pick responsibly. It is ensured that endangered and rare species are not selected.

As well as the beautiful range of wildflowers, the Busselton Wildflower Exhibition will also have:

  • An expert craftsman at work turning timbers
  • A running video of beautiful wildflowers
  • Cakes, produce, crafts and second hand books on sale
  • Lunches and teas

The Busselton Wildflower Exhibition will take place at 47 Kent Street, Busselton, on September 19-20. To find out more, please call +61 8 9753 1134 or email rgrflowers@bigpond.com

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