Rhys Is A MasterChef

From cooking at a service station to becoming a MasterChef, it has truly been a roller coaster ride for Rhys Badcock, the locally-trained chef who won the MasterChef: The Professional title last Sunday.

The news article “Mum cooks for local MasterChef” has full details on this story. It says the following: “No one was more surprised by the win than [Rhys] himself. He said that one of the other three finalists, Sarah Knights, was easily the best chef in the competition. But that’s not how it turned out when they went head to head and Rhys, who had been content just to roll along with the flow, showed his potential in the final.” http://www.busseltonmail.com.au/story/1377545/mum-cooks-for-local-masterchef/?cs=1435

Rhys received a cash prize of $200,000 plus an international trip to explore some of the finest restaurants across the globe.

But when he returned home in Quindalup after winning, cooking was the last thing on his mind.

“It’s awesome to be back. Good to see Mumsy. I can’t wait for her to cook me dinner,” said Rhys with a playful smile.

“I’ve got some baked beans in the cupboard,” joked his mother, Jo.

“I did think of his old favourite, mixed chicken noodle. No I’ve lashed out tonight – a roast and a cheesecake.

“But I’ll have to practice my plating,” she quipped.

Rhys was first introduced to cooking when he was hired by his mother to be the “dish pig” at one of the area’s most popular resorts where she used to work.

However, he couldn’t make it to the cooking pots in the kitchen.

He later worked under the guidance of famous south west chef Tony Howell and finished his apprenticeship at Cape Lodge.

“Yeah, I’m pretty stoked. I didn’t think I was a chance in the competition,” admitted Rhys. “I was just taking each challenge as they came and did the best I could.”

Asked why he wasn’t too keen to take on the challenge, he replied, “I didn’t want to go on TV and be yelled at by Marco (Pierre White, one of the judges). But he didn’t do that too much and was very helpful. He’s a champion.”

Asked about his feelings on winning the title, Rhys said, “Pretty good. It’s a relief now it’s finished. It really hasn’t clicked in. It’s all still pretty new. I didn’t give myself much of a chance. It was awesome. A good challenge and I liked it a lot.”

For more information on the MasterChef series, please go to www.masterchef.com.au/

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