Hotel Continues To Be Well Regarded As Margaret River Celebrates 100 Years

The Margaret River Hotel is said to have paved the way for the start of tourism in the area. It was when Bernard Henry Everingham McKeown was holidaying in Margaret River that he purchased an acre of land in the heart of the town. Part of this land later became the site of the Margaret River Hotel, which started operation in 1936.

The news article “100 Years of Margaret River: Hotel stands test of time” talks about the history of the Margaret River Hotel. It says, “It [the hotel] opened with much flourish and advertised that it had hot and cold running water in all of its 16 bedrooms – a luxury at the time. Electricity was provided by a Crossley 12-horsepower semi-diesel 250-volt generator which was turned off at midnight and candles prevailed after that.”

Cold drinks were made at the hotel yard, where an aerated water plant was set up, housed in a small shed.

The Margaret River Hotel was especially famous because of the excellent service it offered to guests. Those arriving at the hotel were received by a white-jacketed valet who would carry their luggage to their rooms.

For a rate of four guineas per week or 12 shillings a day, a guest could get a daily newspaper, early morning tea with toast, breakfast, lunch (or packed lunch in a hamper) and a four course evening meal.

The inaugural day at the Margaret River Hotel on 11th April 1936 was a very special day for the entire town as music and dance performances were presented in the new, commodious town hall after the hotel’s celebrations.

The hotel’s inauguration was a huge hit – with 12oz pots of beer being sold at six pence each. The bar’s proceeds totalled 100 on that day.

Mrs Bernard was an admired and respected supervisor who managed the hotel. Her brilliance as a sempstress was obvious in the eye-catching hotel linen and she placed vases of fresh beautiful flowers everywhere in the hotel.

Vegetables for meals served at the Margaret River Hotel were grown in a kitchen garden located behind the main building.

Over the years, the hotel has gone through several transformations and refurbishments, but it continues to be a landmark in Margaret River, one of the very few buildings to have survived.

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