Comedy Festival Celebrating 27th Anniversary

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is celebrating its 27th anniversary this year with an action-packed program of stand-up comedy, theatre, cabaret, street performance, television, film, visual arts and radio. The city will become the hub of the comedy universe from March 27th to April 21st.

The article “Our Story” has all the information you need about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. It says, “The Festival was launched in 1987 by Barry Humphries and Peter Cook. Twenty-six festivals later, with attendances of over 600,000, it has grown to be Australia’s largest cultural event – selling more tickets than any other Australian Festival.”

Taking place each year, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is one of the world’s three major comedy festivals, alongside Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The event aims to showcase, discover and develop topnotch talent for the inspiration and entertainment of audiences.

With average ticket price of only $26, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is not just an extremely popular event but also a hugely accessible one. With the Melbourne Town Hall premises converting into a massive comedy hub, there is sure to be something for all comedy lovers, from the finest international and local comedy acts in all sorts of venues. The event literally takes over Melbourne, the comedy capital of Australia.

Though the actual event only runs for 3.5 weeks, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival is alive on the comedy circle throughout the year. The organisers are dedicated to introducing the art of comedy to maximum number of punters, whilst making sure that those willing to get into the business are given every opportunity for developing their skills.

The festival’s Roadshow tours every corner of the country (as well as Hong Kong and Singapore) bringing the event’s highlights to more than 80,000 avid comedy lovers. The widely renowned open mic comedy contest, RAW Comedy, starts in January every year, with heats held in all territories, states and regional centres. The nationwide secondary school comedy contest, Class Clowns, taking place all year round, is evidence that you are never too young to learn comedy. Deadly Funny is the latest initiative of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and features a showcase and workshop program that is offering an entirely new career path for home-grown comedians.

To find out more about the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, please check out the event’s website or Facebook page

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