Bursars Get Together

Young, familiar faces recently gathered at the Augusta Margaret River Shire offices to mark 10 years of bursary appointments with the council.

The news article “Bursars all make mark” has full details on this story. It says, “Every year since 2003, the shire has awarded one outstanding local year 12 graduating student with a 12-month scholarship. The graduate must have an interest in community development, have intentions to progress onto tertiary studies and be willing to undertake gap year employment with the shire.” http://www.margaretrivermail.com.au/story/1213842/bursars-all-make-mark/?cs=1429

Last year’s bursar Ella Sleegers has recently finished whereas Jake Graebner-Bond, a Year 12 graduate, will take up this year’s position.

Sally Hays of the Augusta Margaret River Shire talked about the first bursar Naomi Godden.

“She was the guinea pig,” Hays said, before adding, “When I first started, there was just one person in the job.”

Giving a youngster a position within the shire not only helped Hays but also offered them a useful experience.

Other bursars included Army Burgees (Year 2010), Connor McLeod (Year 2009), Moana Lutton (Year 2008), Natasha Dixon (Year 2007), Keely Robertson (Year 2006), Simon O’Leary (Year 2005) and Roxanne Moore (Year 2004).

Hays said that the experience influenced most of them to a certain extent, as evident in their employment choices.

For instance, Simon studied events management and arts, Keely works at Chamber of Commerce, Roxanne studied law and has done some community work as part of it, said Hays.

The Margaret River Hospital and Disability Services Commission have both been “very much involved with the position,” thus offering bursars a broader community experience.

At the reunion ceremony, four of the ex-bursars talked about their experiences. These included Keely Robertson, Ella Sleegers, Naomi Godden and Simon O’Leary.

The other bursars were not able to attend the reunion.

About the Bursary Program:

Since its beginning in 2003, the Youth Bursary initiative has been a matter of pride for the Augusta-Margaret River Shire. The annual 12 month scholarship is awarded to a locally based exceptional Year 12 graduating student with a keen interest in the development of the local community and willingness to take a gap year program at the Shire. The scholarship not just provides valuable work and life experience but also allows participants to fulfill Tertiary Study related Commonwealth Youth Allowance prerequisites the following year.

For more information on the Bursary Program, please go to the website

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