Local Artist Pete Usher

Direct from Pete:
“Traveling through the amazing South West WA landscape has always been a paticular inspiration for my artwork. Driving south from Perth on a regular basis helps to continually renew my experience of colour, texture and light found in these remarkable places. My paintings help me to distil my experience of the landscape and to translate memory and feelings into something i can understand myself, and share with others.

`A picture tells a thousand words’ is an adage that holds true. Landscapes can be big stages for great passionate emotion, beautiful, mysterious and fleeting. They may also be places of jubilant celebration or quiet reflection. Each viewer brings their own response to the work and subtle shifts of colour and tone can be just as effective as words to describe the complex feelings that we all harbour.

Many of my recent works have been drawn from the remarkable coastline of Elephant rocks and Greens Pool near Denmark, WA . The colours and forms are unique with curvaceous rocks, tranquil turquoise water and unusual paint textures give the paintings an unforgettable presence.

Jarrah trees and rolling hillsides from South West farming land have also acted as an inspiration for my work. The paintings tend to be colourful and mysterious landscapes of the imagination where hidden lines underpin the composition.

Travel and responding to each new landscape keeps me motivated to keep painting. The process is an exciting challenge of never ending discovery and learning.”

About Benji

I am married and live on a farm near Margaret River with my wife, daughter and son. I set up The Margaret River Guide to assist people coming to Margaret River Western Australia to easily find what they are looking for. I also wanted to allow people to find activities they did not know about and to be able to openly comment on/ review businesses.

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