Margaret River Local Musician – Qynn

Margaret River Local Musician - Qynn

Margaret River Local Musician – Qynn

Margaret River local musician Qynn is a unique, experimental and at times sublime guitarist who is fast becoming an icon of the region. His rock guitar playing, combined with a clear jazz/ blues influence has been said to “redefine how acoustic music is performed” and his vocals give richness to the effect, creating a blanket of sound that can at times attack and other times caress. For guitar music lovers, there is no denying that Qynn is an essential part of the Margaret River live music scene.

Qynn’s Musical Influences

Qynn says that his influences come from sources as diverse as family and the weather, but ultimately it is his creativity and drawing from the past that combine to create what has been called “musical genius” and a “firecracker of pace and dexterity.” He also does much of his own drumming and percussion, adding to his reputation for versatility. His songwriting is renowned, with gravelly vocals reminiscent of the best of the rock n’ roll and blues eras./p>

High Praise for Margaret River Local Musician, Qynn

Richard Smith from Express magazine had this to say about Qynn: “Very few soloists can come close to the passion and force that Qynn combines into a unique experience of roots influenced contemporary tunes. His live show and guitar dexterity place him in the new breed of gunslinger songwriters, making his mark on the Australian musical landscape.”

Qynn claims Aboriginal, German and French roots and takes pride in having studied Viticulture and Oenology (the study of wine making for those who don’t know) which show off his attachment to the Margaret River region.

Margaret River local musician Qynn is a regular at gigs throughout the region, and as one of the most passionate musicians of the area, should definitely not be missed.

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