Unique Hotels

We offer independent research and reviews of the best Margaret River unique hotels. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, with features, style, architecture or design that you won’t see anywhere else, our guide to Margaret River unique hotels can help you find the right place.

Find information on the top Margaret River unique hotels, including:

  • Caves House Hotel: This heritage-listed resort was first built in 1905 and was rebuilt in 1938, and still features Art Deco architecture particular to that era. Located on 4.5 hectares of lovely gardens near Yallingup Beach, all rooms have ocean or garden views. 4-star rated by AAA.
  • Windmills Break: This is a visually stunning 5-star boutique hotel, recently refurbished in 2007 and outfitted with king beds, LCD televisions, deep baths, private courtyards and luxurious furnishings. Guests can arrive by helicopter – the tennis court also serves as a landing pad.

These are some of the most prominent offerings among the Margaret River unique hotels, with architectural details and historic heritage that is particular to the region and unlikely to be duplicated anywhere else. Our research and reference guides can help you find the ideal Margaret River unique hotels to suit your travel goals, personal tastes and interests.

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