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Are you planning the perfect getaway and searching for Dunsborough accommodation? Located just 250 kilometres away from Perth, this is a beautiful town in the Margaret River region featuring pleasant warm summers and heaps of gorgeous beaches. When one thinks of the South West and its wonderful towns, images of clean blue oceans, wineries, whale-watching, fishing trips, wonderful chocolate factories and ice cream come to mind. All of this makes you relax and just forget about your problems. Dunsborough has so much to offer and is the perfect place for anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. Accommodation-wise, everything is available from luxury holiday homes, well-known hotels and friendly bed and breakfasts to high rated caravan parks. Here is a list of some of the options you will have if you’re searching for Dunsborough accommodation:

Current Listings:

Holiday Homes: Dunsborough is well know for its stunning beaches and the calm Geograph Bay and these homes are the places to make sure you enjoy the best of it.               

Hotels: A great variety of hotels are located all over the town and you will find everything from well-known chains to smaller establishments that are noted for their remarkable personality. Prices vary significantly based on the amount of luxury being offered but most hotels come with modern facilities so that those looking for Dunsborough accommodation can have all the convenience and comfort they need while on holiday.

Bed and Breakfasts: These accommodations are focused on providing a unique experience to their guests. You will find that each establishment varies greatly from another, giving people looking for Dunsborough accommodation a wide range of diverse options to choose from. The hosts are always welcoming and friendly and willing to do anything to make your holiday as pleasant and comfortable as possible

Luxurious Holiday Homes: A popular option for people looking for Dunsborough accommodation, holiday homes offer plenty of privacy and flexibility at a reasonable price. With some great properties located throughout the town, staying at one of these will allow you to easily access all the attractions available in the region.

Caravan Parks: A great option for budget conscious travellers searching for Dunsborough accommodation, caravan parks provide a unique experience to their guests and are perfect for those who enjoy camping. Choosing one of these will allow you to discover how much fun it can be to live on a campsite and be in the great outdoors.

Beach Cottages – Enjoy your stay and walk onto the beach from your perfect hideaway.

Beach Resorts -coming soon

Backpackers – coming soon

Apartments – coming soon

Farm Stay – coming soon

Chalet – coming soon

Retreat – coming soon

Motels – coming soon

Beach House – coming soon

Hostel – coming soon

Pet Friendly – coming soon

Tourist Park – coming soon

Whether you prefer secluded places or popular areas, you are sure to find a holiday accommodation that can be your perfect home away from home. With the wide range of options available, anyone looking for Dunsborough accommodation can find just what they need for an unforgettable holiday.

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