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The Margaret River Guide is more than just a directory of businesses and tourist sites – it’s a live resource where you can use Live Chat to get personal advice and recommendations from a local guide who lives here and knows the area.

With Live Chat, the Margaret River Guide can truly help you to experience the best of the region on your next holiday. If you need detailed advice on which hotel to book, which wineries to visit, which sites to see, and which waves to surf, contact the Margaret River Guide for a conversation suited to your needs.

Why use Margaret River Live Chat?

  • Easy to use: Live Chat works simply using Skype chat box. You just type your message and press Enter.
  • Free: There is no charge for using Live Chat.

If you are not on Skype then please email us or call 08 9757 4569

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Here at the Margaret River Guide, we’re pleased to help our visitors any way we can. Feedback, questions and constructive criticism are always welcome – tell us about your experiences visiting the region, ask us that one question you wish you had asked. If you are open to giving it a go, select your option of choice above. We hope to be a valuable resource in making the most of your holidays in the Margaret River region.

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