Margaret River Whale Watching – Flinders Bay/ Geographe Bay

Margaret River Whale Watching

Margaret River Whale Watching

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as watching a pod of massive Humpback whales breaching and splashing, and Margaret River Whale watching has become a hugely popular activity in the region, attracting thousands of tourists every year. Margaret River Whale watching is possible between the months June and October, when these majestic sea mammals travel north.

Whale Migration Patterns

The Humpbacks and Southern Right whale migration patterns are to essentially travel to the cold waters around the Antarctic to feed during Summer and Autumn and then return to warmer waters for breeding and giving birth. The massive Blue whales can also be seen in the region as they make their own migration between the Antarctic krill feeding grounds and the warmer tropical waters around Western Australia. Interestingly, the Blue whales’ migration pattern depends on their age and sex, with the pregnant females migrating first and juveniles migrating later. The older ones also travel further up the coast each year than the younger members of the species.

Where To See The Whales

The Margaret River region gives you the ideal vantage point to see these massive creatures frolic and interact in the water. The whale watching season starts in around June when the first of the whales reach Flinders Bay, Augusta, 40 minutes drive south of Margaret River. This is an ideal spot to watch the whales up close, and it is one of the only places where Southern Right and Humpback whales actually interact.

By July/ August the whales are well and truly visible and the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is one of the most popular places to see them. There are some great Margaret River Whale watching tours that offer close-up experiences of the whales, and this is an experience not to miss. In September the place to be is Geographe Bay, Busselton just north of Margaret River, because it has become a world-famous location to experience the unique sight of Blue whales and their calves relaxing and splashing in these protected waters. It is close enough to be a day trip from Margaret River and is well worth the trip for this once in a lifetime experience.

Local Whale Tour Operators

  • đŸ˜‰ Legend Charters: Naturaliste Charters is your ticket to discovering the beautiful West Australia coast and the treasures it has to offer. You can choose to go whale watching from Augusta, Dunsborough or Busselton depending on your visit’s time.

  • Naturaliste Charters: Naturaliste Charters is your ticket to discovering the beautiful West Australia coast and the treasures it has to offer. You can choose to go whale watching from Augusta, Dunsborough or Busselton depending on your visit’s time.
Click image above to view introduction to Naturaliste Charters & Legend Charters

Margaret River Whale watching has become a major attraction of the region, so be sure to time your trip to the region to make the most of whale watching season.


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  1. Whale watching is a totally spiritual experience. Seems like both the West and East coasts are blessed with this phenomenon. Big business on the Gold Coast too.
    Harry Lynn recently posted..Learning Piano – My Learning Journey Part FourMy Profile

  2. Scott Sansoni says:

    Hi … the whale watching season for Geographe Bay starts around September and goes until December. All Sea Charters from Busselton run tours … check out their Facebook page … they are running a competition at the moment.

  3. Hi Dennis. Geograph Bay is huge so it depends where you are staying in the bay. If you were to stay at Busselton this is about a 35 minute drive from Margaret River with is another 35 Minute to 40 Minute drive from Flinders Bay in Augusta.
    What i can say taking distance out of the question as this is normal for Australia it is worth every minute to get to Flinders Bay now to see the whales as there have been some great sightings recently. Go for it you will love it.

  4. Dennis says:

    Curious as Im not too sure with the area. How far is Geograph Bay from Margaret River? it does seem some distance away.


  5. Hi Vi
    Yes you can see the whales from the coast. In Augusta there are lots of lookouts to Flinders Bay and from the Cape Leeuwin Light House. In Geographe Bay you can see the whales from Cape Naturaliste Light House also, and if you are lucky you might see them anywhere along the coast. In saying this, if you are after a guaranteed sighting (over 90% sighting rate) of the Whales then a boat tour is the way to go.

  6. Can you see whales from the coast or do you need to take any boat tour to see whales near Margaret River?

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