Margaret River Fishing – Redefining your Fishing Experience

In spite of its fame for being the house of world class wineries, there is more to the area than its premium wines. Margaret River fishing is one of the main attractions that lure in Australians as well as visitors from across the globe. Over 400,000 recreational fishers head to Margaret River and Western Australia to fish in their waters. The reason behind this is that you can catch a nice trophy by simply throwing your line into the water.

However, to make sure that you are that lucky, you need to learn a few things about Margaret River fishing, especially what you can catch, where to fish and where to purchase your supplies. So, if you’re planning a fishing trip in Margaret River soon, read on to learn these aspects.

Local Fishing Charters

  • 😉 Legend Charters – Legend Charters is a family operated business, with 35 years of experiences in the waters of the South West Capes. Sandy, Deane and Shane Jenson take pride in the services they offer to both locals and tourists. It doesn’t matter if you are joining them for the whale spotting adventure of a lifetime or a day-long fishing voyage, the Jensons will ensure an amazing day out on the ocean.

What and Where to Fish

There are three areas in Margaret River where you can start fishing from –

  • The Beach – One of the popular beaches where you can enjoy fishing in Margaret River is Smiths Beach. The water is crystal clear and filled with Dhu fish, salmon, sweep and flathead. You can also fish near Quindalup Boat Ramp in Dunsborough to catch KG whiting, squid and even crabs.
  • The Rocks – Though Old Dunsborough has an excellent boat ramp for tailor and herring, most recreational fishers choose the rocks towards meelup because they provide them with additional adventure. Another rocky area to fish at is Wydaup Rocks, where you can catch salmon, bonito, southern bluefin tuna, Samson fish and tailor.
  • Boats – If you enjoy the idea of sailing while fishing, you can try Margaret River fishing from FADs near Quindalup, Rocky Point and Wright Bank, right down to Flinders Bay in Augusta. The main boat ramps are at Augusta, Hamelin Bay, Gnarabup, Gracetown and Dunsborough.

Other fish you can catch at the mouth of Margaret River are mosquitofish, lamprey, western minnow, western pygmy perch, mud minnow, the night fish, herrings and thumper skippy.

Where to Find Supplies

If the list of fish Margaret River has sounds tempting, you should make sure that you have the right supplies and tackle. There are many camping and outdoors stores that offer fishing lures, squid jigs, fishing lures and other fishing necessities you may require.

If you want to enjoy Margaret River fishing to the fullest speak to a local, you may need to offer some wine for them to share their “secret” spots. A great starting point is Down South Camping on Station Road in Margaret River. They have everything you need in their purpose built store. Check them out.

Boating, caravan, camping and fishing supplies:

  • 😉 Down South Camping -The only shop in the Margaret River region of WA to shop for fishing, camping, diving and other outdoor products at reasonable prices. A combination of knowledge and expertise from general camping, diving and fishing allows the company to make sure that your next visit to this wonderful region is a fun-filled and memorable experience. At Down South Camping & Outdoors, helping visitors enjoy the outdoors to the fullest has always been the ultimate goal.

Having given you a taste of Margaret River fishing, make sure that you try it at least once in your lifetime, you will have a trip to remember.

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I am married and live on a farm near Margaret River with my wife, daughter and son. I set up The Margaret River Guide to assist people coming to Margaret River Western Australia to easily find what they are looking for. I also wanted to allow people to find activities they did not know about and to be able to openly comment on/ review businesses.

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