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Life in the Deep

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Because of its proximity to white beaches and sparkling blue water, Margaret River is considered a great spot for water activities. One of the main activities you are bound to enjoy is Margaret River diving. If you love the beauty of the land under the sea and want to have fun while submerged from head to toe, read on to discover three diving-related activities.

1) Scuba Diving

There is a completely different world under the clear waters of Margaret River and it is bustling with life and energy. By taking part in this Margaret River diving activity, you will get the opportunity to interact with colourful reef fish and many local fish such as tailor. In addition, you can experience the numerous water escapes hidden beneath the clear waters, all of which are famed worldwide for their scenic beauty whereas some offer the adventurous in spirit with a challenge.

One of the scuba diving spots you should head to is Dunsborough. Located approximately 225kms south of Perth, the area offers visitors the chance to enjoy its quiet coves as well as dive to visit the former Australian Navy destroyer HMAS Swan. The wreck was sunk on purpose in 1997 to attract divers from different parts of the world. Today, aside from being a Margaret River diving destination, the HMAS Swan is home for Bulls eye, King George whiting, Brim, Blue Devil Fish and Samson fish.

2) Diving for Crayfish

Crayfish or western rock lobster is one of the marine fauna Margaret River takes pride in, especially since it brings in avid divers as well as food lovers. Numerous divers head to the area to catch crayfish because the water is clear and the rising swell moves the lobsters around. Besides, everyone wants to wash down a delicious lobster dish with some of the best Margaret River wines.

If you’re interested in diving, make sure to stop by Mandurah. The city is famous for its crayfish and even hosts a Crab Festival every March.

3) Spear Fishing

There are over 50 locations in Western Australia for spearfishing, some of which are located near Margaret River. What makes these locations special is that they are the only areas where you can practice this Margaret River diving activity while on Scuba, an act illegal in the rest of Australia’s states. Many of the locations mentioned earlier for scuba diving and crayfish hunting allow spear fishing. However, to be on the safe side, always find out whether or not you can spear your fish.

These are the three Margaret River diving activities visitors and locals alike indulge in. So, why not give them a try yourself once you visit the area?

Part of the sunken ship

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Scuba Diving in a Sunken Ship

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