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Do you want to know about Margaret River chocolate? Then you have come to the right place. We all agree that there is something special about chocolate… the delectable, smooth consistency; how satisfying it feels when you break it apart and also that delightful way it melts in your mouth. As a destination for chocolate lovers, Margaret River is unfortunately underestimated, often passed over in favour of the top quality wine that this region produces. Nestled between the vineyards, however, are two of the top producers of chocolate in WA and an amazing Chocolatier. The following Margaret River chocolate makers and chocolatiers are considered the stalwarts of the local chocolate industry:

The Margaret River Chocolate Company: The Margaret River Chocolate Company are expert chocolatiers and have been producing mouth-watering, premium, hand-crafted chocolates since 1999 and they offer more than 200 chocolate products to select from. Guests are sure to love free chocolate tastings, a friendly atmosphere, interactive displays and viewing windows that allow them to see how the products are made. If you are crazy about chocolate, then the Margaret River Chocolate Company’s fantastic chocolate range will definitely entice you.

Gabriel Chocolate: If you are interested in knowing what chocolate tastes like, when it is in its purest form, then you should pay a visit to Gabriel Chocolate. The chocolate produced here differs from ¬†chocolatiers in the sense that actual cocoa beans (as opposed to chocolate) are imported to create all the lovely bars. The chocolate is produced from scratch on the premises, where cocoa beans are sorted by hand, roasted, conched, winnowed and tempered. Guests are treated to free samplings of the day’s fresh chocolate.

Bahen & Co: Bahen & Co is a new addition to the Margaret River chocolate industry. Owner/chocolate maker John Bahen comes from a winemaking background and is committed to making chocolate using traditional methods, with vintage machines and using just two ingredients; cane sugar and cocoa beans. The outcome is enticing chocolate that boasts ancient flavours and aromas, and can take you back in time. The purest form of Chocolate.

With two great Margaret River chocolate makers and one big chocolatier, this region is destined to become a sought-after destination for chocolate lovers. But the evidence is in the product itself; stop by one of the above establishments for a taste of some of the region’s lesser-known specialties. The excellent range of Margaret River chocolate will ensure that chocolate fanatics find something to accommodate their passion.

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