Tag Your Best Friend Along on Your Next Vacation

Leaving your pet at home or in care of your vet or friends can prevent you enjoying your vacation to the fullest. Worrying about them fretting in a small cage or with food they don’t like at the local vet or pet facility is not going to help you relax. So, rather than upsettingyourself and causing stress to your pet, why not book yourself into one of the numerous pet friendly accommodations available? This way you can enjoy your holiday WITH your pet, rather than without them and make it a holiday to remember.

If this isn’t enough of an incentive, here are some more reasons for you to tag your pet along on your next trip:

  • Change of Scenery – You will be surprised to know how new places and scenery can affect pets. Keeping your furry best friend at one of the best pets friendly hotels will relax it and even strengthen your relationship with it.
  • Character Development –Hotels that allow pets usually offer services that will keep your pet busy while you get out and have a great holiday. For example, they may have play areas for dogs and groomers dedicated to making them look great. Because of these services, your pet will receive more attention and slowly develop new interests as well as a few characteristics. So, do not be surprised if Scruffy turns in Fluffy and acts like it.
  • Fewer Costs –You must be wondering how this is possible, especially since you will have to pay a hefty price for your pet’s ticket. However, compare the sitter fees and any vet costs you may have to pay because of the sitter’s negligence, and you will be getting a good deal with friendly pet hotels.
  • Lots of Fun Opportunities –Because of the combination of pets and hotels, you will be able to have a fun-filled vacation together doing things you have never done before.

So why miss out on these benefits when you have access to pet friendly accommodation? Book yourself into one and enjoy your holiday to the max.

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