Margaret River Hostel

Whether you’re a backpacker, surfer, student, young traveller (or young at heart), or anyone else who’s looking for affordable, clean, communal accommodations, we can help you find the best Margaret River hostel offerings.

We provide a comprehensive reference guide with independent reviews. Staying in a Margaret River hostel is a great way to meet new friends from all over the world, get close to the beach, the wineries, or whatever else is on your “must see” list – and save some serious cash on your travel budget. Look out for this icon  😉 which highlights the reviewed businesses.

Find information on locations including:

  • Baywatch Manor Augusta: Located 30 minutes south of Margaret River in the small township of Augusta, this Margaret River hostel promises a laid-back atmosphere and well-maintained facilities catering to singles, couples, families, groups and backpackers.

No matter what you’re looking for our research and reference guides can help you find the ideal place to stay.

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